"It's too late​,​" or so I'm told

by Husky In Denial

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released October 31, 2011

all credits are listed in the album booklet :3

ALBUM ART: Marisama



all rights reserved


Husky In Denial Memphis

Husky In Denial is gutsy music, combining elements of indie rock, progressive rock, and trip hop with animal nerve and autistic eccentricity.

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Track Name: would I were
I… I am just a man
Who does the best he can
With what he's given.
I… I would I bore a cross,
That I could pay the cost
To be an angel.

But I am not the man that I should be.
I am not the one that you should follow.
I cannot be bound to single lines,
And I'm likely to get lost.

I… don't wanna be a dinosaur,
Just living out the days before
No I… I would I were the wild,
That I ran like a child
Through ordered chaos.

It may not be the man that I should be,
But I would like to live a life worth living.
And if one day I'm made to weigh my sins,
Then I won't regret a thing.

I know I might not deserve to be saved,
But if the end came tonight, I think I'd be fine.
Track Name: 見かけ倒し



早とちりすると、 めちゃくちゃ
FIRST GLANCE ミスする事が優しい

You gotta look before you leap.
You gotta look before you leap.
You gotta look before you leap.
You gotta look before you leap.
Track Name: At Least I
You are the gears,
If I turn the knob.
I built the machine,
And you make it work.

You think you've escaped,
And you've found your voice.
But your muzzle's intact,
And I still own the mic.

Sing for me, my pretty savage...
You've captured my soul.
Dance for me, my pretty savage.
You hold me close.
Sing for me, my pretty savage.
You've become my soul.
Sing for me, primitive thing.
You are the root.

At least I am high on the status tier.
At least I own a suburban home.
At least I have investment in color.
At least I'll always be better than you.

(Civil Rights Era)
You've thrown a wrench
Into unoiled gears.
You fought the machine,
And you made it fail.

(Post-Civil Rights Era)
Somehow you've escaped,
And found your voice,
Your muzzle is loose,
But I still own the mic.

(Reagan Era)
Sometimes I think my investment's gone sour,
But then I remember, at least I'm not you.
You've come so far, but gained so little.
Welcome to the world of '81.

At least I have built my Cold War offense.
At least I know it will trickle down.
At least I have political franchise.
At least I'll always be better than you.

(And furthermore...)
At least I have my Cold War logic.
At least I know you'll stay underground.
Hail to the infrastructure! Strengthen the divide!
The hegemony is flawless. Don't even try.
Track Name: 2 + 2 = Pigeon
Let's sing a song of six pence
for the 99 percent who got two cents
to throw into the pot
About a nuisance.
We're connecting the dots.
We have a new sense of the way things are run.
But don't look!
You might miss what they want you to hear
About the things you fear
Or hold dear! It's becoming a monster,
Hear it from the nearest corporate sponsor.
Am I alone here? All I see are the
Subliminal criminals all around you.
They surround you and ground you
Into a fine blow.
It's still controlling you with overloads of information.
I'll show my indignation for indoctrination while doctors
Medicate in dedication to the nation.
No amount of meditation could assuage it.
We got peace like a river, and the water's turbulent.
When they told you, "Get on your knees and bite down on the curb," you bent.
They shit on the world and wipe with all the dirty dough you spent,
Hung high, bled dry, and not enough to pay your rent.
The heaven-sent capitalist
Went and left a dent
In every innocent venture.
They work you to the bone,
Promise you the throne, sayin',
"It's not just a job, homie, it's an adventure!
One of these days you'll be a six figure man,
In demand, Standing tall, with a retirement plan.
All you gotta do is bury stones in the sand
And dig 'em back up, if the building still stands
Let's じゃんけんぽん and if it's rock, you win."
But when you throw it down, you've been swindled.
It's the cynical sin of sinister men, the capital grin,
The spin cycle, wash, rinse, spin it again.

Welcome to the world where greed is the king.
We'd fly, but we're atrophied in both wings.
The spy glass eye hides high in the sky
It lies to divide, our shepherd to demise.
It's why cyanide tastes better with age,
And kids are on crack to suppress all their rage
When minimum wage won't cut it for the poor.
"You're telling me that 2 and 2 aren't 5 anymore?"

Welcome to the world where a man is a mouse,
Cuz 99 thieves can't steal from one house,
And fish can't tell that they're trapped in a cage
And rats are content to run through the maze.
But now our eyes aren't covered in a glaze,
And for all the people still stuck in a daze,
The middle class is waking up to find themselves poor, like
"You're telling me that 2 and 2 aren't 5 anymore?"

Socialism is a fuck-word.
Haven't you heard?
Umbrellas keep us out the rain
Just let your fears wane. You can…
Trust the trusts. More bang for your buck.
Competition is a killer when you play in the muck.
Now, it's like a bad joke.
You can buy your smokes
From the same folks who sell you soda and cocaine
For the pain when you're hocking up your cancer,
The same people loaning you Tiny Dancer
For your funeral.
Later than sooner is usual.
Stall as long as you can, and
The benefit's mutual. Right?
"Don't fight it.
Don't pretend you don't like it.
Your comfortable life style,
Don't forget we provide it to you,
Cellophane and,
Dextrose and cellulose,
It's the killer filler we don't have to pay the miller for.
Consumer whores,
We pass all the savings to you.
So what can you do?"

Occupy, unify,
None of this divide and be conquered
We've all done before.
Let's multiply and become something more.
Let's sanctify and strip our nation to the core.
It takes a lot more than a grumble and a swear
And the pretense of a prayer
To be a pivotal player
In the change of a nation
From the ground to the sky
And to square the circle with the pyramid eye.

If you wonder why,
Maybe you think there's no chance,
And you'd rather do the dance
Than be a target of a glance,
But if there's nobody fighting,
Then there isn't a war,
And if there isn't a war
Then we've all capitulated.
We can't afford to be castrated.
For God's sake,
We have to take a stand,
We can't be held hostages.

"It shows we're awake
And not dunking our heads in the sand
Like a bunch of ostriches."
Track Name: Opus 28, No. 4
The cb radio crackled, all crisis and chaos and cold static. Brutal rain battered my beaten truck. In the darkness, a friendly flash of red. Someone wanted to change lanes. I blinked my high beams, and the taillights thanked me. Mankind's last warm connection. Two teamsters, blind worms going nowhere down I-55. Together, alone. Always, always alone.

By now, my daughter would be 12 years old. Her hair smelled of strawberries the last time I held her. She promised me no more training wheels if I came to see her dance. Miss one, miss 'em all.

Lightning burned the clouds, and they fell like ash, leaving a bloody scab in the sky. Against it, to the north, the hungry Mississippi swallowed the great Hernando-Desoto bridge. What a sight.

Babylon was falling, it's faulty foundation sinking into the sand.

Soon, it would catch me, too, but I'd built a career on running, and solid ground was only a few feet away.

But then, the earth gave way, squirming, churning, crumbling beneath me. It turned, and I flew.

("For once, will you just talk to me? Can't you just sit down and talk?")
(Once, my wife asked me to sit down for a moment. My stomach tightened…)

When did I start running? Everything I'd left behind…
The trailer skidded a quarter mile, then jackknifed and tossed my broken body onto the pavement. On the other side of the river, Memphis rippled like a wave and sank into the ground. The buildings cried out for mercy, but no one answered. I should have never run away. Too late. All that was left was silence.

No more running. For the first time in my life, I stood tall and faced the wind.
Track Name: 42?
Keep with you this.
It’s all I ask of you;
Something to remember me by
When I go away.

Time is nothing now,
It doesn’t exist.
And you’ll see it
All too soon.

Deny not me this;
You’ll remember me, won’t you?
Something to keep by you
When I’m not the same.
Be careful with it;
It’s fragile and I can’t fix it.
It’s something to keep you well
When I’m no longer sane.

Sanity is nothing now.
It’s a luxury and not a need,
But keep it with you anyway;
You may find it useful some day.

The moment I asked myself
The meaning of life,
My eyes opened up
To something more.
The moment I found it,
The answer I was looking for,
I lost all I gained in searching
And oh so much more…

My will.
My sanity.
My future.
My Reason.

I lost it all
When I found nothing.
Track Name: Mars Stars (Dogs of Jupiter)
This world is full of life, intelligent or otherwise.
Our cities are stars in the Martian sky.
Somewhere distant, a comet flies and we're too bright to see it.
We are blind in our good eye.

If dogs hail from Jupiter,
Then I'm most certainly from Mars.
I see it better than you do,
And I'm almost blind.

This Earth wreaks of life, belligerent or otherwise.
Strangers don't come anymore. They fear our skies.
Somewhere distant, a dog laughs and we're to dull to hear it,
Our ears full of lies.

The dogs hail from Jupiter,
And I'm undoubtedly from Mars.
I hear it better than most do,
And I'm nearly deaf.

We are just stars.
We are just lights.
They are the dogs,
And I am alone
On this dusty planet
Looking into the night sky.
And I see those cities
Loose their shine.
Track Name: Love is not a narcotic

Brother, can you hear me?
Come here to me,
Cuz you're dear to me.
Don't fear me if I'm queer.
The only reason that I'm here
Is to love.
I'm not a judge from above.
That's not my jurisdiction, nor yours.
Up on twos or on fours,
From the desert or the shores,
We share a common ground.
We make a common sound.
Don't send me to the pound
Cuz I look up when you look down.
And no, the world's not perfect,
But is it really worth it
To build your walls and take your falls
Out on the ones who don't deserve it?
Come on,
Let's not sugar-coat it,
They wrote it.
Your were quoted,
Yes, you voted for the loaded gun,
When you realized you won
The socio-genetic lottery
Of clay-man pottery.
You said, "They gotta be
Like you and me
To the T
Or burn for eternity."
That's not what philia's about.
You place a veil of doubt
When you go out
And shout about
A divine hatred
That's required for love.
We're calling bullshit
On the shit that you've been spittin'
Just sit down and listen.
You'll be smitten with humanity.

Love, an unpredictable word,
Imprecise and imperfect,
Hardly suited for all that mean it to be.
Oh, but Love, how I adore you,
and I implore you to show it.
Because you and I aren't so different at all.


Take a look, the situation is dire.
It's like they'll set you on fire
If you ever require
The touch of another man.
Is it really anyone's business to judge
When mutual sinners share fudge?
Have you even ever treaded through the sludge?
Do you ever wonder sometimes if you should ruin the fun
Of an incestuous relationship between father and son,
Or father and nun?
There's no harm done
If it's all done in mutual fun, right?
But sex is sacred.
When the flesh is naked,
The next is taken
Into consideration
By a jury of your peers
For the rest of your years
You'll here their jeers
As they lift their beers and say,
"Cheers, you fucking faggot!"
So I'm fakin'.
Funny, when I'm taken
I feel the most masked.
So when you ask, "What are you're fantasies?"
I'm inclined to answer, "Missionary, please!
And I want the pretty girl from the magazines.
And no more gay, hippy, fairy sleaze
Nothing scary, hairy, chubby, dirty, out the norm.
Because if you found out, I couldn't keep good form.
And I don't want to be seen.
So there's no evidence we ever slept together
So I don't have to brave the whether.
Whether my dick was small
Or performance flawed
Did she come at all?
Do take too long
Or do something wrong?
No, we'll never talk,
So I'll never know,
And we'll kiss in the morning
And say, 'I have to go.'
And we'll live together for 40 years
And I'll never be able to quell the fears
And I'll never be fully satisfied
Because every time we fucked, both of us lied."

Love, an unpredictable word,
Imprecise and imperfect,
Hardly suited for all that mean it to be.
Oh, but Love, how I adore you,
and I implore you to show it.
Because you and I aren't so different at all.


How many marriages does it take
To realize that you're doing it wrong?
How can you make the same mistakes
In every charting pop love song?
Autotune me and drop me over a whack track
Bump bass for
Party people in the back
All you wanna do is dance,
Skip the romance
Put 'em in a trance
At the first glance,
Give 'im a chance
Get in his pants.
And that's all well and good,
But it oversimplifies more than it should.
I see more harm coming out of it than good,
With middle-aged teens saying,
"You don't understand
About the love of a brooding man
Computer tanned,
Watching girls sleep tight
In the middle of the night
Because he can't stand the light."
That's not devotion, it's obsession.
I'd respond with fight or flight,
Or call the council to arrest him.
The ideal fantasy vampire wedding ring
Born on the basis of a stalker's affection,
One who for a hundred years has never faced rejection.
Or, take an injection of the love drug,
A smug bug infection slugger.
The next fix, quick, hit it up, the music section's
Got it all at the mall.
I saw it all, and I'm appalled, because
Love is not a narcotic,
It's not purely erotic,
It's emotion, it's devotion,
Not obsession and depression
And compression, like a fracture
Near the brain, driving you insane,
Medicate the pain with love songs,
Hit the bong.
I'll hit the gong
And wake you all from your opiate dream,
And maybe you'll see love means far more than it seems.
Track Name: Short and to the Point
I tried to trust you,
and you fed me rancid meat.
I walked on bombshells,
and I almost lost my soul.

I tried hard to be a good dog,
but you fucked it up! You fucked it up!
I'd love to talk it out,
but you don't give a shit, you fucking whore!
You lied.

I tried to reason,
but you turned on your wall
and spoke so clearly
so that I could heard it all.

I tried hard to tread lightly,
but you fucked it up! You fucked it up!
I don't want to talk it out
'cuz you're a fucking bitch! You fucked it up good!

So take your leave now.
You're not wanted anymore.
I'm tired of talking
to a brick wall.
I don't have the patience
to tear down your masonry.
I don't want to hear it,
so leave me alone.
Track Name: t r a n s c e n d
I've been thinking too hard.
Could you spare some intellectual intercourse?
Minds knotted in syllogistic copula
on Venn diagrams, whole but apart.


I'm just a bird with a soda canned neck.
Don't try to fly with oil on your wings.
You always say never. You never say always.
How am I supposed to feel?

These oily leather pads have walked rougher walls
And climbed down soda glassed roads.
I've cut myself more times than I can count,
But give me a smooth trail, and I'll slip and fall.

I always seem to fall.


じつは、 何も言えない。

I've been thinking too hard.
I've been thinking we should go.
This plastic's been holding me down for too long.


If something is missing,
We fill in the blanks.
We can go together.
Just never say never.

We'll transcend.