blue world

by Husky In Denial

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The first official release from Husky In Denial since 2011's "'It's too late' or so I'm told," "blue world" is a smooth lament for the American struggle. Ella Fitzgerald croons over a classic beat while Husky In Denial spits indignant verses of poverty and circumstance.

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released April 18, 2014

Composed, mixed, and produced by Buck Riley
All samples credited within.




Husky In Denial Memphis

Husky In Denial is gutsy music, combining elements of indie rock, progressive rock, and trip hop with animal nerve and autistic eccentricity.

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Track Name: blue world
"Would you like fries with that?"
I never would have thought that after 8 years of college,
Triple major in biology, medicine and psychology,
First quarter of my life spent solely collecting knowledge
That I'd be droning these words
Through a speaker phone in monotone
Reserved for less eloquent.
I'm pointing out the elephant,
Cuz after the hell I've spent
Ensuring my future would be secure,
The sutures are not the cure;
The skin has been singed where the morphine syringe was pressed,
And maybe I've become completely unhinged from the stress,
But this pachyderm concerns me.
They told me I'd be JP Morgan,
Too big to fail,
But that ship has sailed,
And my student loans are due.
I'm screwed, and no one is hiring,
And corporate won't give me the hours I need,
I got two dollars in the bank to last me the week,
And at home I've got a couple mouths to feed.

Education slapped the rose tint outta me,
Opened the blinds and forced me to see reality.
I shield my eyes and wonder if it's better not to see,
Watching ignorant people content in their monochrome world.
They're so happy in their idyllic bliss,
Knowing when to be pissed
And at whom,
Fed from their endless information IV, the tube,
But I look in the box and I see shock therapy.
The right solution is just not there for me.
I feel alone when common sense is lost on common man,
Trying to decide if I should take some kind of a stand,
Watch the people drowning in quicksand,
Up to their necks, like, "What the fuck just happened?"
This world is sapping their youth,
Lying through the guise of the wisest convenient truth.
I've been alone for too long,
And I don't want to be the only one left behind.
Maybe I should see this as a sign,
And be there helping to guide the blind.